Less is more: event management made easy

Are you looking for an event management platform? Do you need simple basic features that save you time and money? Do you want a product customized on your brand image? Are you tired of standard products and invasive ads?

Peritus releases Jolie Lite, the basic version of its already tested event management platform. The software offers everything that is strictly necessary for the organization of the event. Any additional functions can be added on specific request of the customer. The result is an even simpler, more agile and accessible platform.

What does Jolie Lite do?

Jolie Lite is designed to offer neither more nor less than what is needed to organize an event at its best. Here are its features:

Before the event

Uploading the guest list and sending invitations.

During the event

Management of registration and accreditation.

After the event

Excel data export. Possibility to filter reports to check the event’s trend.

How is Jolie Lite made?

Jolie Lite’s architecture includes a web console and the related app for tablets and mobile devices. The profiling is articulated on 3 levels:

1. Head office

2. Individual states / markets

3. Dealers

There are also several registration users, as an example:

A. Management: 360° functional control

B. Event organizers: control of the functions related to the individual event

C. Privacy manager: control of the GDPR functions

Why should you choose Jolie Lite?

It’s fast

In addition to allowing immediate accreditation through a check list, Jolie Lite provides the business card’s scanning with the automatic recognition of the fields and data registration. Is the business card in Chinese? No problem! Jolie Lite recognizes an indefinite number of languages ​​and alphabets and “translates” and stores the information for you.

It is ecological

It reduces paper waste to zero. As a company, we believe it is everyone’s responsibility to avoid unnecessary waste of resources.

It is accessible

It offers the essentials to the event organization, thus meeting the needs of small and medium-sized companies, as well.

It’s safe

It ensures the management of an indefinite number of GDPR compliant privacy releases, so saving you the trouble of worrying about it. Each customer can use their own releases directly.

It is customized

The release app is only yours, both from the server and from the client side: this means you have an exclusive DB, as well as graphics and colors conforming to your brand image.

It’s multitasking

It allows you to manage multiple events simultaneously. There is no limit to the number of tablets you can use.

It is cross-platform

Jolie Lite is supported on iOS and Android devices.

It is immediate

It gives real-time feedback on the event’s trend, controlling the flow of invitations thanks to special counters.

It’s simple

It contains a series of short video tutorials that explain how to access each function.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us!

The Peritus Team

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