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Pregnancy becomes smart with Mamma & Co

The healthcare of future moms just a click away

Finding your way through the wards of a hospital can be a challenge. Once you don’t see an indication, another it takes you an extra floor of stairs, and another one you wander through corridors. For a pregnant woman, getting lost in wards can be even heavier.

Mom & Co. was created to guide mothers-to-be between hospital departments using i-Beacon technology, small devices that send information and multimedia content to the smartphone during the journey.

The app then collects a series of useful and comprehensive information about services, visits, reservations, emergencies, vaccines and various types of advice. Mom & Co. it can also be used by future dads and can be an excellent support tool for healthcare professionals.

app Mamma&Co.

Pollicino: step by step guide to your destination within the hospital

Easy access and guidance to hospital facilities thanks to the         I-Beacon technology

Tips for exams booking, waiting times check, vaccinations, emergencies

Optional activation of extra advice


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