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The app for car dealerships

Speed up the buying and selling of new and used cars

You have to manage several branches of car dealers in the various stores. A potential customer enters the showroom to purchase car X, which is currently not available on site. A good salesperson knows that seizing or not a sales opportunity is often a matter of seconds.

With Sales App, the dealer immediately enters the request for car X into the system, which is notified in real time to all devices that have installed the app. At this point, a dealer signals the possible presence or imminent arrival at his branch of car X requested elsewhere by the potential customer. Sales App is a tool available on smartphones that reduces response times to customer purchase requests to just a few seconds. Those few seconds that make the difference.


Access to the vehicle fleet at any time and in any place

Immediate sharing of info between dealers

Immediate access to data and product data sheets on the go

Immediate response to customer requests


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