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fila di automobili parcheggiate in spazio esterno

A use case of fleet management for hospitals

Digitize fleet management

The management of the company fleet, especially for medium and large companies, is a complex activity and requires the control of a series of constantly updated and different types of data.

To respond to the challenges that fleet management entails, our suggestion is to digitize processes and integrate them in one place. Thus was born Fleet Manager, our software that digitizes the management of the company vehicle fleet, optimizing the rental of vehicles for work use to employees and inserting all management information in a single integrated system. The automation of processes and the coordination of the parties involved result in greater management control and consequent savings in time and costs.

Fleet Manager for hospitals

Fleet Manager guarantees maximum freedom and flexibility of management to the user. The status steps of the approval flow can be customized on the customer’s nomenclature and workflow. The modular and scalable system allows each company to configure the most suitable solution for their organization.

We recently adapted Fleet Manager to the approval flow of an Italian hospital company, starting from the analysis of its organizational model, structured as follows:

  • Administrative management

management control, data in hand for cost control and savings / earnings planning + vehicle optimization / personal data and usage info for all car

  • Technical office

Control of the entire fleet and rental of individual vehicles; management of deadlines, vehicle maintenance and delivery of countersigned documents.

  • Departments

Autonomous management of your car fleet

  • Employees

Request of the company vehicle for work reasons

Fleet Manager allows you to profile access permissions based on role, department and individual user. The system can be accessed anywhere and at any time from a PC, tablet or smartphone. This allows the involvement and coordination of all those who participate in the management, logistical and administrative processes of the fleet.

Profiling allows you to assign useful features to each actor involved, greatly simplifying the use of the software and limiting interference in areas that are not of direct competence.

The additions

Fleet Manager then provides for the integration via API of external services such as:

– Digital signature of free loans via OTP

– Fuel cards

– State of charge e-mobility

Reporting and expense control

Keeping business expenses under control is essential. Fleet Manager keeps a series of data in the system that allows you to keep consumption and expenses related to the vehicle fleet under control. It is therefore possible to check at any time:

– Hours and days of use

– Fuel and maintenance costs incurred (by importing fuel cards)

– Maintenance costs

– Km traveled

The amounts can be entered directly into the system through the relevant fields to be filled in, or Fleet Manager can interface with the company accounting management system.

Can we help you?

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