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5 reasons to choose a tailor made software

Why buying a software tailored to the managerial and business needs of your company?

We have collected 5 advantages in relying on a software house able to “sew” a customized product.

First of all it is important to ask oneself:

“Does the company have standard workflows or does it follow custom business logics?”

In our experience, tailor-made softwares are perfect for innovative companies, especially the ones offering services, with the important premise of being willing to shape business processes into the logic of a software created and developed by third parties.

As far as it concerns the advantages, here are 5 of the most significant:

1. External maintenance: all management issues are outsourced. It will be in the interest of the supporting software house to avoid bugs and make improvements even without the explicit request by the company.

2. Initial investment: the software can be made accessible by pricing models that allow you to defer the investment in monthly rents.

3. Scalability: the presence of different modules avoids to lose data, configurations and projects developed on other modules. In other words, it is possible to start from the “small” to implement the service over time.

4. Customers data collection: the export and / or integration of both personal and quantitative data on a CRM, makes it possible to gather concrete feedback on the customer and to manage the relationship accordingly.

5. Possibility of integration with already existing systems: a custom software can communicate with the systems already in use in the company more easily than a standard one. Integrating the two parts from the beginning can avoid a series of problems and of waste of time in the future.

In conclusion, there are no absolute rules. The choice between buying a customized software or a standard one depends on many factors, including the nature of the company, the business aims and the initial investment margin.

And you?

What is the answer for you and your company?

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