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How to manage events check-in like a pro

The check-in time is often the first occasion to make a good impression at an event. Alone, it can act as a watershed between a disastrous impact and an extraordinary experience. Speed, accuracy and empathy are decisive in creating a first impression of professionalism and efficiency. There are also a series of tricks to keep in mind to ensure fluidity in the processes and prevent any problems. Here is a short list of them:

1. Prepare your team

Choose professional people, who are able to stay calm and to communicate clearly and provide them excellent training on the quick and efficient management of the guest lists. To ease the team’s work, remember to keep the guest databases updated, organized and synchronized (it is good practice to review them regularly). Knowledge and trust in the tools is crucial to manage the workflow at the best.

2. Choose the right tool for you

The management software must meet your needs and grow with you. Two preliminary aspects to consider concern your business and are:

  • How often do you organize events? (This is a decisive parameter in the investment phase)
  • How many are your guests? Is the number constant or variable?

The tool’s features are also to be considered; amongst the most significant ones are:

  • User-friendly and intuitive workflow
  • Transparent and easily understandable prices and clauses
  • Performance and reliability metrics
  • References of prestigious organizations and brands
  • Guarantee of a dedicated support team

3. Care for the guest experience

  • Welcome the guest upright to keep a “same-level-eye contact”
  • Provide a certain number of tablets according to the number of guests to guarantee acceptable waiting times
  • Check that the apps are all up to date and working, that the backups have been made (and that the tablet battery is charged 😉)
  • Name a person responsible for each work group and establish precise and shared rules among all team members
  • Give security a well-defined and recognizable role: hire professional staff who can intervene only when necessary, while remaining in the background of the event
  • Create the right environment (manage the available spaces well, imagine how and where the crowds will go and try to avoid bottlenecks)

To conclude, a good synergy between the management tool and the work team helps to create a general feeling of security and trust that can be decisive for the success of your event.

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