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Automotive marketing: from digitization to event organization

The customer journey of buying a car: the role of digital marketing

The automotive industry has experienced a substantial change in terms of production systems, business and purchasing processes. The customer journey of the potential customer covers a time span ranging from 5 to 12 weeks and involves different channels. Marketing must therefore be ready to intervene in the right place, at the right time and in the right channel. And it must do that by adopting a multichannel perspective that involves the digital side.

The smartphone in particular has radically changed the way consumers search and purchase decisions. The web is now a fundamental channel when choosing a car and physical showrooms are just one of the many contact points between potential customer and dealership. The creation of digital touch points, in which the physical and digital channel communicate fluidly from the sales phase to the development of event management software, offers a competitive advantage that goes far beyond the price and the offer.

While on the one hand it is difficult to trace such a diversified purchasing process, on the other, it is possible to know and segment the target quite thoroughly by adopting strategic analysis tools. How? By collecting and interpreting the digital traces that we all continually leave behind online.

The customer at the center: events and experiential marketing

It is clear that personalization and one-to-one dialogue with the potential customer are indispensable in today’s marketing. If the digital tools are essential for intercepting purchase intentions and profiling consumers, another important marketing lever is to involve the potential customer in the product experience. How? With experiential marketing, meaning the conception, planning and management of corporate events with the use of different means of communication in order to involve the target audience.

The strategy is effective because it puts the potential customer in close relation with the product. Compared to classic advertising, event marketing attracts many more leads to targets, involving them in a moment of condivision that brings the message to life and strengthens the one-to-one relationship between brand and customer, while promoting loyalty.

Types of automotive events

Based on our long experience in the automotive sector in Italy and abroad, the types of events offered are the most varied. From test drives on track and off-road, Tour Gran Tourism, roadshows, dealership events, trade fairs, conventions, launches of new models, exclusive previews, virtual showrooms, live communications and live streaming. The aim is always to involve the target in experiences to generate hype. The experience does not stop at mere contact with the product, but is accompanied by meals, cocktails, concerts and car shows on track. All-round events, which link the brand to rich memories and positive sensations.

Are you an automotive professional? How can we help you?

The automotive sector is certainly the one that has concentrated most of our professional commitment. From the comparison with the needs of various professionals of the sector, we have developed most of our platforms: from customized and standardized event management software to company fleet management software, up to apps to incentivize dealership sales. The automotive industry is a stimulating environment for us, in which the technological side has carved out an important role.

If you need help to implement the technological side in your automotive business, contact us without obligation. We’ll be happy to help you. 

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