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Instagram reels: tips for businesses

Instagram Reels offer a great opportunity to companies willing to believe in spontaneity and creativity, in order to engage their audience. Outside the logic of strictly promotional content, IG Reels focus on originality, fun and entertainment.

What are IG Reels

After the great success of the Stories, the Instagram Reels are a new way to create and edit videos with effects, audio and creative tools. This is a feature that Instagram has been offering since mid-2020, in the wake of TikTok’s success. These are editable autoplay clips lasting 15/30/60 seconds, which can be shared in the stories, in the feed posts and in the Reels section of the user profile.

How publishing Reels can be good for business promotion

1. Especially if you are a company or a private individual who wants to make their products / services known, by proposing creative, informative and useful contents to the user, thus leaving behind traditionally promotional logics, you show a more human side, build authentic relationships and strengthen the community.

2. IG Reels can also be a means to get to know your community better, starting with the analysis on views, likes and comments, (as we wait for future metrics’ implementations).

3. By diversifying the type of content (images and videos), you gain visibility in the Explore section, especially if the IG algorithm marks the content as Featured.

4. The gain in visibility translates at the same time into an increase in followers and a potential expansion of the community

The IG Reels algorithm: some tips for publishing effective content

Assuming that the algorithm of any social network is influenced by who you follow, what content you interact with and where you are, we suggest some general practices that influence the Instagram algorithm in a positive and negative way.

Basically, the Instagram algorithm rewards Reels that:

– attract attention, entertain, make you laugh or reflect

– trigger trends and encourage other users to participate

– use creative tools (text, filters, camera effects, library music or original audio)

– make use of the vertical video format

– use hashtags and descriptions consistently

On the contrary, the same algorithm penalizes the Reels that:

– have edges and blurs due to too low resolution

– do not respect the IG community guidelines

– contain too much text which compromises the visibility of the image

– recycle content from other apps

Summing up

The categorical imperatives of IG Reels are: immediacy, creativity, authenticity and involvement. Sharing the behind the scenes, before & after, the unprecedented sides of a brand or product, have the power to humanize the brand, bringing it closer to people. At the same time, nothing prevents you from showing your products, especially if placed in original contexts / messages, and from telling the story of the brand, especially if it can be an example and inspiration.

Let’s make some room for content marketing and creativity, then!

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