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A complete maagement software for dosimeters is a software for the management of personal dosimetric units of workers exposed to ionizing radiation. It is currently active in numerous hospital companies and radiation protection centers throughout Italy. is an integrated platform that manages a series of processes related to dosimetric monitoring, a statutory health physics service (decree n. 241/2000) which measures the radiation exposure of workers through the individual assignment of dosimeters.

The features was created to optimize radiation protection processes, integrating them into a single web based system capable of managing the generation, registration, validation and storage of the dosimetric units, ensuring ease of use and data protection, as well as compliance with applicable laws both in terms of radiation protection and GDPR. supervises the assignment and return flows of personal dosimeters and also deals with the assignment of environmental dosimeters via the iOS app on the structure maps. The platform then schedules the visits of the authorized doctor, manages the quality controls of the radiological devices and the assignment of personal protection equipment for each registry. The PPE assignment form is particularly versatile, as it can be adapted to any company or business that needs to assign the aforementioned devices to its employees

Data management and security

The data and documents are stored in the company’s digital archive or hosted at Peritus (on the company server or in cloud computing). is independent of the external dosimetry service and guarantees the maintenance of the data. also allows the import of the data history, keeping the changes made over time to each registry. The documents produced have legal validity thanks to the digital signature.


The system is accessible from any location connected to the internet through multi-user applications and profiling panels with access certification. This means that you can access from wherever you want, whenever you want, always maintaining the aspects of security and data protection.

Modularity is a modular “assemblable” platform tailored to the customer’s operational needs, which means that each module is independent and does not bind to the purchase of others.

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