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The solution to the hard life of the fleet manager

Fleet manager and stress

Does the administration of the company fleet take too much time away from activities that are truly profitable for your business?

Do you often run into errors and communication problems in the fleet management flow?

Do you find it difficult to guarantee those routine maintenance activities that save time, problems and money in the long run?

You are not alone.

Managing a company fleet is a very complex activity. Ensuring constant supervision of multiple aspects is practically impossible, especially if you have a large vehicle fleet.

The solution? Digitize your workflow

How much easier would it be if all the information relating to fleet management, from vehicle requests, schedules, authorization, assignment, collection, up to the eventual sending to the workshop, were entered in an integrated system?

Think about the safety of having the complete vehicle registration information always just a click away, of having immediate visual feedback on information and deadlines relating to insurance, stamps, coupons, etc …

Think about the convenience of being able to load customized fields into the system for the creation of car data, of being able to independently create users and profiles to which you can assign the functions you want from time to time.

Think about the immediacy of viewing the history of schedules and restorations of each vehicle, as well as the calendar of models available on the graphic timeline that can be filtered by period, event and car model.

All this (and more) can be achieved by digitizing your workflow (i.e. delegating the dirty work to software 😉). In summary, we are doing the dirty work for you with the development of our company fleet management software.

The strengths of our fleet manager

Requested and developed for one of our largest customers, the Peritus fleet manager aims to ensure maximum freedom and management flexibility to the user. We want to avoid to force you to operate too rigidly, which end up channeling you in one-way streets towards what we know to be a dead end. We know that a workflow is made up of different paths to arrive at the same solution and we want to leave you free to go through them all, if necessary.

A peek at the software

The Peritus fleet manager involves all those who take part in the various processes involved in the management of the vehicle fleet, easing the communication, coordination and automation.

The result? A significant saving of time and money.

Do you have any questions about our fleet manager?

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