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What are the graphic design trends for 2024

The world of graphic design is constantly evolving. In a world that goes fast, even visual and stylistic trends chase each other at a rapid pace, sometimes overlapping and overtaking each other. The search for balance between creativity, convention, trend and innovation is complex and finding the middle ground is increasingly challenging.

Very different (sometimes opposed) trends are predicted for the coming year, but generally headed towards ever greater interactivity.

Graphic design trends in 2024

Influence of artificial intelligence and machine learning

We will not delve into the complex and important discussion here on the resistance of many artists (often absolutely reasonable) to artificial intelligence. At the moment, let’s adopt a practical approach: AI is most probably here to stay. You might as well embrace change and reap its possible benefits, including:

– acceleration of work

– saving time in exploring multiple combinations of ideas, approaches and design variations (inspiration)

– support in the creative process with the possibility of generating unique images

– support in case of revisions and variations (e.g. resizing and recomposition of designs for different platforms)

– replace stock images

Source: Behance

Compositions rich in elements, bright colors and details

The ease and speed with which new visual combinations can be generated is revealed in layouts full of colorful and detailed elements that fill the space and tell as many stories as possible at the same time. The only rule: to keep a strong focal point that captures attention instantly and around which all the elements are placed harmoniously. The result (also good for marketing) should be to attract the eye for longer to allow a layout full of unusual combinations and bright colors to be deciphered.

Source: Behance

Minimalism and abstraction

On the diametrically opposite side we find the minimalist approach, made of simple elements and few colors to create immediate, clean and impactful graphics. Here the basic components are strategically placed in a large negative space in order to guide reading and make the message immediate. The conscious use of fonts and characters is fundamental, as they are often the protagonists in this style.

Among the positive sides of the minimalist approach we find:

– avoidance of overload

– order and feeling of calm (complexity made easier to read)

– respect for users of an increasingly visually saturated and dispersive web

Bold fonts and experimental typography

Often underestimated, fonts are fundamental elements for the character and personality of the design. The future involves the use of bolder and more experimental typography. The skillful use of characters is of great importance to convey:

– corporate and brand identity

– visual hierarchy

– emphasis of key messages

3D depth

Technological progress has made virtual reality increasingly familiar. Thanks to technologies including depth mapping, which calculates the distance between objects and the environment, it is possible to work with increasingly detailed and realistic 3D characters. Results of great aesthetic impact are also due to the 2D-3D combo, which suggests innovative and beautiful depth effects. First responsible for immersive and engaging experiences, 3D is also useful in product visualization through accurate models, with the possibility of intervening even in the prototyping phase, in case something doesn’t work.

Source: Behance

Augmented reality

Speaking of 3D, we cannot fail to mention augmented reality, often integrated into more engaging and memorable interactive advertising. Augmented reality is widely used to visualize a product in your space before making a purchase, improving the user experience.

Source: Behance

Risograph effect

We said how 2024 will be everything and the contrary to everything… For this reason, after mentioning 3D technologies and augmented reality, we turn around and see the risograph effect returning to a major trend. Rediscovered for creative use by photographers, designers and graphic designers, it is inspired by a type of printing halfway between screen printing and offset printing which allows you to play with half tones and modulate the density of the screen. The result is grainy textures and visual noise, for a vintage and realistic look, with softer edges and rich in halftones and overlays. It works very well in retro designs, imitations of old printing methods, film photography, simulated natural environments, albums and music videos.

Source: Behance

80s/90s graphics

We keep on going to the back-to-the-past road with the vintage-inspired trend, between nostalgic and relaxing or psychedelic atmospheres, made of vibrant colors, retro characters and extravagant images, between the nostalgic and the futuristic.

Hand drawn illustrations and drawings

The hand drawing has the uniqueness of a signature and conveys the idea of an authentic design, which makes the product or service to which it is applied more human. It evokes more pleasant emotions and impressions than typical, stereotyped Stock images, precisely because of the feeling of uniqueness and originality it evokes.

Source: Behance

Pastel colours

Green light for soft and delicate colors for a dreamy and comfortable aesthetic, suspended in time and space. Excellent for children’s drawings, graphics intended for a female audience, as well as graphics for product packaging that intends to stand out for its originality and playfulness.

Source: Behance

To conclude

2024 promises to be capable of moving between minimalism and audacity, between returns to the past and augmented reality. It’s critical to always know how to choose the right style based on the project and the target for which it is intended, without setting too many limits and remembering to experiment with all the material and creative resources available which, perhaps, have never been so abundant and within everyone’s reach.

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