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dettaglio faro anteriore di auto di lusso bianca

How to effectively manage the payment of company fleet fines: case study

Software: Fleet Manager

Client: internationally renowned German car manufacturer

Year of adoption: 2012

Car fleet: 900 cars

Purpose: all-round car management of the car fleet, with particular attention to the assignment of cars to managers, employees and journalists and to debt collection relating to fines

The context

The customer is a well-known German car manufacturer that has adopted Fleet Manager for one of its main Italian offices. The cars in the fleet are all produced by the parent company and, therefore, are all owned by the company itself.

The problem

The client’s main problem was to ensure the smooth management of the approval flow of car orders by managers and employees. Furthermore, there was a desire to automate and streamline the administrative work of managing and paying fines.

The solution

Since 2012 Fleet Manager has supported the company in managing the car fleet. The result was an optimization of approximately 42% in the use of the entire vehicle fleet.

The software’s graphical timeline made it possible to plan authorizations in real time for managers, employees and, if necessary, journalists and VIPs. The control over the assignments then made it possible to implement an online fine payment system (with credit card and PayPal) via direct link. Fines are paid by the company within 5 days of receipt. Subsequently, a debt collection flow is activated through direct communication to the person responsible for the infringement, who is required to pay the due amount within a maximum of 3 reminders.

Cars Usage Percentage Graph.
Mockup from

Fines recovery before & after Fleet Manager (1 year)

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