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dettaglio di un faro di automobile blu

How to optimize fleet management for marketing events: case study

Software: Fleet Manager

Client: internationally renowned Italian car manufacturer

Year of adoption: 2022

Car park: 100 cars

Purpose: organization and management of marketing events throughout Europe

The context

The customer is a prestigious Italian car manufacturer. The fleet is made up entirely of owned cars, produced directly by the company headquarters. The management of the company fleet mostly involves sending car models throughout Europe for display at marketing events.

The problem

The organizers of the client’s marketing events never knew exactly where the cars were, due to a mix of emails that scattered relevant information relating to multiple management levels.

And it was via email, in fact, that the European representatives asked for the cars to be sent from the headquarters. The coordinator was therefore forced to continuously update Excel sheets with the various requests for different car models, on different dates to be sent to different European cities.

Moreover, the calculation of deadlines was done entirely by hand. It was therefore necessary to keep track of the whole history of request emails to make sure there were no problems in the approval flow. The most problematic part was understanding precisely if and when the cars were available, especially if communications from some colleagues involved in organizing the events were lost.

The biggest difficulty was managing the correct intersection of information flows from information entered by hand into scattered Excel files. The pieces of information to be constantly monitored were:

– Available cars (when and where they were)

– Car schedules

– Transport management

– Maintenance management

It often happened that car exits were planned before actual authorisation, due to lack of communication regarding any delays.

It is easy to understand how even just one error in sharing and receiving information, whether it was an oversight or a delay, would cause a series of cascading problems throughout the entire management flow.

The solution

With Fleet Manager all these problems have been solved. Everything that was previously laboriously managed by hand is now automated within the application.

– The whole life of the vehicle is under control and archived

– The flows are managed in the application in all their phases

– A scheduling message is automatically sent once all necessary approvals have been obtained

– The provision of a graphic planner makes the plans’ viewing extremely easy and intuitive

– The georeferencing of the position of the vehicles in real-time, the history of the positions and the automatic sending of alerts in the event of a low battery and accidents further increases control over the management of flows

The result is an optimization of around 40% in almost 2 years in the use of the vehicles in the fleet, due to the fluidity of management of information and communications, which have reduced the chance of error to practically zero.

Optimize your fleet management now

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