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Lead generation through online campaigns and live events

Lead generation and registration forms

Lead generation is one of the most requested marketing activities by our customers. For the layman, lead generation is the work of collecting and segmenting contacts potentially interested in a product / service. The next step is to contact these leads by creating personalized content to bring them closer to the brand.

This is where softwares, by digitizing processes, make a significant contribution to business. These days we are implementing a registration form for a well-known automotive company. The form is part of a campaign for the collection of new prospects to be invited to live product presentations.

Subjects and activities

The car manufacturer deals with the design and setting of campaigns on websites, landing and social media. We, as a software house, take care of the development and integration of the registration forms dedicated to each campaign / event.

Where does the campaign take place?

The campaign is divided into two channels:

– Online: social media, website, paid campaigns, self-registration form

– Offline: events, product placement, registrations in presence and via QR code

Self-registration form: how it works

After the disposition of the fields, the form is integrated into a page of the customer’s website. The information of the registered prospect is shared in real time on the platform and the Jolie app. Everything is set up for the automatic extraction of Excel reports.

Going through the temporal phases of the event, this is roughly what happens:

Before the event

– The prospect registers for the event through the form

– The prospect receives an automatic thank you email with a personalized link

– The dealers see the information about the prospect on Jolie’s interface

– The prospect’s invitation is confirmed

During the event

Jolie synchronizes the invited guests in real time in the integrated app, through which it is also possible to register the prospect on site via QR code.

After the event

– Follow up of guests who attended the event

– Intentions to buy are registered and uploaded to CCP

Marketing and programming in the automotive sector

The intersection points between marketing and programming in the automotive field are innumerable. From on-track and off-road test drives, to Gran Turismo tours, from dealership events to virtual showrooms, up to conventions and product launches, the automotive sector articulates marketing in a rich variety of events and initiatives.

Precisely in the management of complex activities, where the collection and organization of data is essential, it becomes important to be able to rely on logical-mathematical systems that limit the possibility of human error as much as possible. And this is where the work of programmers comes into play.

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