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The advantages of app integration

More and more organizations are focusing on implementing agile integration strategies: banking services, production line monitoring devices, electronic health records in healthcare, ERP systems, CRM platforms and much more.

App integration directly connects multiple applications at a functional level; in other words, it allows separately built apps and systems, each for a specific purpose, to work together. By converging data and workflows across multiple software applications, businesses and organizations can achieve integrations that support and streamline operations and workflows.

The integration components

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

Set of procedures that specify how software components must interact with each other. They allow quick and easy access to the functionality of other software via well-defined data structures.


What occurs in connected applications, such as sending/receiving a payment.

Data mapping

The mapping specifies and classifies the exchange of information to be expected, simplifying the process of data export, grouping and analysis.

The advantages of integration

The right integration at the right time significantly simplifies processes both organizationally and operationally. In addition to being a significant step towards data synchronization, the integration reduces latency times and costs by running processes directly in the cloud.

The integrations with our platforms

Peritus has been operating for years with payment systems provided by institutions and banks, such as Banca Sella and Clic Pay, integrating them with its platforms via web services and URL calls. The integrations allow you to make payments by credit card and bank transfer for the collection of fines, in the case of Fleet Manager, the company fleet management software, or for the booking and purchase of service packages with Jolie, our event management software.

The present and future of integration and automation

The need to provide better customer experiences and the growth of applications of all kinds have paved the way towards integration and automation, making it an inevitable path for companies of all sizes. Peritus provides integrated digital solutions to optimize workflows and processes, allowing you to work better in the shortest time and in total safety.

If we can help you on your integration journey, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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