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sala piena di persone che partecipano a un evento

Why to invest in an event management software

The keyword behind the organization of any event is: to simplify! This applies both to those in charge of organizing the event and to those providing services to support the organization itself.

Organizing an event is a highly stressful job. Those who design digital support services must have the main purpose of saving you time (and worries) on superfluous activities and delegating the monitoring of information to IT tools.

The heart of our work is precisely to combine the digitization of processes with creativity, ideas and attention to detail which (at least for now 😉) mostly belong to human care and inventiveness.

How can event management softwares help you?

An event management software allows you to concentrate all relevant information in one place and monitor every detail at any time.

Current event technology includes tailor-made Saas and software solutions and provides:

  – organizational tools (sending invitations, digital registrations, customizable registration pages, booking calendars, etc.)

automated marketing strategies (collection of contact info, integration with company website, generation and sending of surveys to measure approval ratings, profile participants and identify potential leads, sharing on social media, e-mail marketing)

support for live streaming and on-demand content, in case you want to transfer or integrate live events into the virtual

simple and immediate data collection and export tools, in order to evaluate the involvement of the participants after the event

customer relationship management (CRM) tools that help collect attendee information and maintain relationships before and after the event, as well as personalize the experience. CRM is an indispensable tool for customer loyalty over time

Event management app: the advantages

The web console can be supported by mobile apps for event management. These offer a number of features that increase guest interaction and overall engagement. For example, the apps allow you to create surveys, send push or email notifications, collect feedback and track data.

The apps offer a personalized experience to the participants, allowing them access to useful information such as the agenda, site maps, news on any exhibitors or speakers, etc.

The collected data can then be analyzed to improve the organization of events in the future, intervening on the areas that have proved to be less performing.

Do you need software to organize your event?

If you don’t find a satisfactory solution in standard event organization software and you need a tool built on the needs of your company and your workflow, Jolie may be the right solution for you. From website building, to marketing automation, to surveys and mobile app preparation, Jolie is a simple and flexible tool, already widely tested by our most important customers.

If you want to see a free, no-obligation demo, contact us! 😊

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