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The automotive market 2023: ecology, shared mobility and technological innovation

The crisis of 2022

Last year has seen serious suffering in the automotive sector both due to the Covid-Russian-Ukrainian war situation and due to an ineffective strategy towards sustainable transition by the Italian institutions, according to the statements of the Director General of Unrae, Andrea Cardinali. According to Unrae, the good news is that a small recovery is expected for 2023. This year should close with the sale of 1.4 million units, for a growth of 7% in Italy. The share of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids will also see further growth.

The industry’s difficulties come as no surprise. The last two and a half years have marked unprecedented changes in consumer habits and preferences. Added to these are the new legislative constraints in terms of environmental standards and the reduction of emissions. Manufacturers had to rethink their business models in record time to adjust.

The trends of 2022

According to Deloitte’s Global Automotive Consumer Study, there were essentially two macro-trends in 2022:

1. Investment in electric or hybrid vehicles

2. The diffusion of shared mobility

On the one hand, a mobility attentive to ecology, equipped with greater automation and connectivity, on the other, the transition from the purchase of cars to an ecosystem of more flexible transport services, such as car sharing, pay per use solutions and car as a service , leasing, long-term rental or subscription formulas. This trend has experienced a surge in the post-Covid period, which has greatly reduced the movement of citizens and workers.

All these aspects represent a huge innovative force for the automotive sector. The desire to contain the environmental impact by reducing polluting emissions also translates into the design of increasingly smart cars. The integration of digital technologies on board vehicles makes it possible to process a series of data in order to reduce traffic congestion, minimize consumption and vehicle maintenance and carry out predictive maintenance interventions.

The phygital approach

Probably, even the distribution models tend to adopt an integrated approach between physical and digital channels. Commercial strategies are increasingly oriented towards disintermediation and the acquisition of advanced skills, such as the management of CRM and virtual showrooms, together with the integration of data from digital touchpoints.

Turnkey software for automotive sales

The integration of software components into management models is essential for reducing costs and optimizing the human and material resources of any company. That’s why we have developed two softwares specifically for the automotive sector. The first is Jolie, an event management and CRM software, used for years by large international car manufacturers for commercial purposes. Jolie is a turnkey tool that allows you to collect personal data and Intention to Buy in a secure and privacy-compliant way. The platform can manage events of all kinds and sizes: from fairs to road shows, from product presentations to test drives, press events and streaming on an international scale.

Phygital for fleet management

Cost reduction also passes through careful and proactive management of the resources available. Remaining in the automotive sector, a good example in this sense is the management of corporate fleets. This is where Fleet Manager comes into play, a software that concentrates all the data useful for managing car fleets of all sizes in one safe place. Deadlines, income and expenses, fuel and maintenance costs, km travelled, generation and filing of documents and much more are always under your control.

Towards smart process management

Digitizing business processes in the automotive sector is one of the key factors for riding the wave of change towards reducing consumption and containing costs. We at Peritus work with you to ride this wave, integrating your workflows with the most advanced technologies, to allow you to work in an agile, automated and predictive way.

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